Element Group Announces Rebrand

Why has Element Group rebranded

In October, the company has an important milestone as it will celebrate 6 years of its glorious journey. Since 2016, a small company headquartered in Tampere city, Finland, has enhanced its supply geography to 56 countries, immensely expanded its representative and dealer office network, managed to succeed even in times of the prolonged COVID crisis, and made significant changes to its operational structure this spring.

The brand renewal was dictated not only by large-scale business development plans and, mainly, was a reaction to global changes that happened in the company throughout this year. In particular, Element Group restructured the group of companies and spun off Chinese and Russian daughter companies into independent companies that started operating separately from Element Group Oy.

“We at Element embraced the change and started to focus on reinforcing our identity. Together we have agreed on our new values and ways to continue bringing a significant and positive impact on our customers’ operations. We intended to incorporate our company energy also in the way we look,” said Marko Salmela, CEO of Element Group.
And now we are thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity.

logo comparison.jpg

What is behind these visuals

The new logo incorporates the letters ‘element’ in lower-case and a wheel logomark presenting the dynamic and pioneering nature of our company. Such graphic elements as octagons became a central aspect of Element Group’s new visual identity to resemble the image of ore or stones. As for the colors, we decided to keep our main ones which are orange, black, and white, but added an additional, mint green color to their palette. “We feel that this visual identity represents the colors we are known for around the world and at the same time it narrates a story of who we are today.” – Marko Salmela added.

While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed – we are still striving to optimize the operations of our customers. As a team of like-minded and determined professionals, together with the visual changes in our identity, we decided to also change the internal part of it. In particular, our values. To enable our customer’s success, as well as each other’s success within our industry we identified four core organizational values: courage, respect, quality, and partnership. Above-stated mission and values form an overwhelming sense of kinship throughout our team.

What’s next

The visual identity introduced today is a foundation that better communicates what our company does. We’ve rebranded some of the assets like our main brochures, but our website landing pages still rely on the old branding. Moving forward, we will rebrand all our existing assets, including elements of the product itself. So, keep your eyes peeled as we transform ourselves and our brand.

Also, the new visual image of Element Group will be presented at three exhibitions coming this autumn:

1. Maden-Tek 2022 – Mining Industry Technology Days on 20–21 September 2022 in Ankara. Visit us at booth 5.

2. MMH. Mining and Minerals Hall on 18-21 October 2022 in Seville, Spain. Visit us at booth 1003, Pavilion 1.

3. The Mining Show Expo on 15-16 November in Dubai, UAE. Visit us at booth D10.

On a final note, we will continue to commit to our customers and provide the same, or better, level of professionalism you have experienced, and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal customers and business partners for your trust.