Element Group celebrates its sixth birthday today!

Looking back and assessing the path traveled helped us to see what a solid base of knowledge we acquired and how many projects we implemented throughout our history. In September, the company began the new phase with the rebranding launched, and a new strategy was established to continue expanding in the EMEA.

Element CEO, Marko Salmela, outlined the importance of this date to the company.
“The past few years were not easy for every company, but we are very glad to have been able to continue development through the COVID times and managed the restructuring of the group of companies with honor and dignity earlier this year.”

We always strive for growth, not only quantitative but qualitative. Over the years, we have managed to earn the trust of more than 200 mining and construction companies around Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. With many of them, we established long-term cooperation. Besides, we formed a developed partner network in various regions of the EMEA which help us grow at a rapid pace. But nothing could have been done without a great team of professionals and leaders with whom reaching the top is possible. We are proud to say that Element Group employs specialists with whom we have worked together all the way through the development of the company since its foundation. And we are always in search of talented people striving to resolve interesting and non-standard tasks with us.

On this day, we would like to thank everyone connected with our company: a friendly team, reliable partners, wonderful customers, and loyal friends!

“Thank you for being and staying with us all these years as we look to continue our journey with you in years to come!” – Salmela concluded.