Element’s Strategy Meeting 2024: Setting Our Course for Success

At the start of the year, Element gathered for a crucial event — the annual strategy meeting — setting the tone for our plans ahead. Last Friday, representatives from every department, including Finance, Mining, Aggregates, Slurry Handling and Crushing Product Lines, Operations, Processes, and HR, presented key strategy points and a roadmap plan outlining the main projects to implement throughout the year. All company employees participated in this online meeting to build a shared vision of the year ahead.

CEO Marko Salmela emphasized the critical role these meetings play in our company’s growth trajectory. He further stated,

Our strategy meetings serve as a compass, aligning everyone with our strategic targets and fostering a common understanding of the plans and goals we have for 2024

Going forward to our plans, we firstly discussed our focus geographical areas of business development for 2024. Building upon our recent establishment of a new entity and the commencement of full operations in South Africa, particular emphasis was paid on expanding our presence in the region and the whole African continent. Additionally, we are committed to continuing partnerships with clients from the Middle East and Central Asia and further strengthening our presence in the Nordics and Iberia markets.

To bolster our endeavors, we are gearing up for a series of industry events throughout the year. These expos serve us as invaluable platforms for establishing new partnerships, fostering existing relationships, and showcasing our offerings to a wider audience. Our lineup includes:

🇹🇷 Maden Turkey in Istanbul (2-5 May) 

🇬🇭 WAMPEX Ghana (5-7 June)

🇿🇦 Electra Mining South Africa (2-6 September)

🇮🇩 Mining Indonesia (11-14 September) 

🇰🇿 Mining and Metals Central Asia in Kazakhstan (17-19 September) 

🇪🇸 Mining and Metals Hall in Spain (15-17 October)

Looking ahead, we are excited to embark on major projects this year, including the establishment of a central logistics hub to optimize our supply chain processes and delivery costs, system development aimed at full automation of sales and internal planning, and enhancing internal communication processes based on valuable feedback gathered from our employees during the Siqni survey conducted in autumn 2023. We’re committed to improving the wellbeing and satisfaction of our employees as we continue to grow and evolve.

Stay tuned as we continue to shape our path to success in 2024 and beyond.