Expos in September – How It All Went

As September concludes, we take a moment to reflect on the tremendous impact of the exhibitions where our dedicated colleagues showcased the Element brand over the past month.

šŸ‡«šŸ‡® MAXPO 2023, Finland – Insights fromĀ Matti Vikman, Head of Sales, Aggregates Finland & Baltics:
“MAXPO holds a special place in our hearts as the most important fair in Finland within our field. While the weather wasn’t entirely on our side, there was no shortage of enthusiastic fair visitors – the majority of our customers made it to visit us at the expo. One of the highlights was the genuine interest in our special fair offer. During all three days of the expo, we reached successful agreements on several deals which we already started to implement.”

šŸ‡¹šŸ‡·Ā MINEX, Turkey –Ā LuĆ­s Pinto Leite, Business Manager:
“It was particularly encouraging to see a strong representation of our current customers, reaffirming their trust in our offerings. Some of them are already testing our Slurry Pumps wet-end liners for first time and it was really satisfactory to know that the outcome is very good, in some cases, we’ve already overcome OEM performance. Equally exciting was the influx of new potential customers with whom we have successfully nurtured several new deals that are now in the pipeline. We extend a heartfelt thank you to our dealerĀ Minova ProcessĀ that played a pivotal role in making this event such a success. Without their dedication and expertise, this achievement would not have been possible.”

šŸ‡°šŸ‡æĀ Mining & Metals Central Asia, Kazakhstan – Insights fromĀ Eselalo Ampofo, Director, Mining:
“The Almaty exhibition was a stellar event, showcasing the vast potential of the region. Element, in collaboration with our dealerĀ Nord Minerals, presented cutting-edge solutions for crushing and slurry handling. The exhibition exceeded expectations, boasting both quantity and quality of visitors. We had a number of fruitful meetings with top mining companies from Central Asia, offering our innovative solutions. To sum up, Element is already looking forward to participating in the Almaty exhibition next year!”

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