Marko Salmela has headed up Element Group

The Element Group Directing Council has assigned Marko Salmela as a Chief Executive Officer. Along with the new CEO, Marat Abdurakhimov has been transferred to the position of Senior Vice President. 

Before heading up the Element Group the past 8 months Marko Salmela worked as a Vice President in European, African and Middle East Market Area. “In the month of October, we will celebrate the fourth birthday of Element Group. During this time our company has been maintaining substantial growth. I am happy to say that we as a company are now ready to enter the next year fulfilling the Group ambition: to become a global market leader”, he commented.  

“We will be increasing our product portfolio and expanding our market share on all our business lines. The nearest plan is to open new market areas which means that we will have more and more colleagues in the different corners of the world”, the new CEO added. 

Another important assignment has been made by the Element Group Directing Council. The previously development director of Element Group Marat Abdurakhimov has been transferred to the position of Senior Vice President. From now on he will focus his responsibilities on supply chain and information technologies functions.

Abdurakhimov also shared some plans of the company for the next year: “Information management, data processing, and analysis are the strong suit of Element. That is why all the international team will make further efforts to strengthen the IT environment in Element. 

At the same time, we have ambitious projects with our partners: dealers and manufacturers. That is why we will continue developing the supply chain, the production and the quality assurance system”.