Jaw Crushers.

Dive into the details of our extensive range of jaw crusher profiles, each designed for specific applications. Discover the standard alloys we proudly offer and uncover our special materials, crafted to enhance the longevity of your equipment.

Our parts are compatible with:

Currently, our range includes parts that are compatible with the following machines. Upon request, we can expand our offerings to fit your needs.



Jaw Crusher 42×48
Jaw crusher C100
Jaw crusher C105

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Jaw crusher C106
Jaw crusher C110
Jaw crusher C116
Jaw crusher C120
Jaw crusher C125
Jaw crusher C130
Jaw crusher C140

Wear parts. Profiles

Jaw and cheek plates

Element produces jaw plates made of manganese steel. The content of manganese, chromium and other alloying elements is selected depending on the strength and abrasiveness of the crushed rock.

Standard materials


Mn: 13% Cr: 2%

For non-abrasive rocks of small and medium strength.


Mn: 18% Cr: 2%

For general application. An Improved formula with
additional chromium alloying. A significant increase in
hardness after heat treatment, increased resistance to
abrasive wear.

Special materials


THOR — technology for modifying the structure of manganese steel.

Element TiC

Element TiC — linings made of standard alloys C or D and reinforced with titanium carbide inserts.

Spare parts

Springs, toggle plates, toggle seats, wedges, frame parts, pitman assembly.

Also, we offer special fasteners: wedges, clamping and supporting strips in addition to standard fasteners, such as bolts, nuts, washers.

Case studies

Element provides a bespoke project design service in cases where customers require the upgrade of spare part patterns which are currently in operation.

One of the problems that customers turn to Element for is insufficient jaw plate operating time, which is often due to the use of an unsuitable profile. One customer in particular faced such a problem.

Based on the drawings of the linings used by the customer and the feed parameters, our engineers offered jaw plates with a new profile design and selected an alloy more suitable for crushing hard and abrasive rocks.

Product support.

We take immense pride in providing more than just manufacturing and supplying parts. Our commitment extends to offering additional technical and engineering support. With a dedicated team, we aim to optimize your equipment’s performance and address any specific challenges you may encounter.

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