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Slurry pumps ensure the uninterrupted operation of the entire mining plant’s technological chain. This equipment is simple, yet it is subject to increased reliability requirements because any unplanned slurry pump shutdown results in technological process losses and financial setbacks. For this reason, the costs of maintaining a fleet of slurry pumps always constitute a significant part of mining plant expenses.

Our range

Each plant is individually engineered, and pumps are selected to match the specific working conditions, ensuring the reliable transfer of the required material volumes between the different processing stages of the plant. Our company offers a wide range of alternative spare and wear parts for slurry pumps, providing proven solutions for all the major brands used at mining plants, including Metso*, Warman*, and Krebs FLS*.

* Element Mining and Construction Oy (ELMC) is not an owner or representative of the brands of the equipment specified on the website. ELMCs spare parts and components are compatible with the specified equipment.

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Our parts are compatible with:

Currently, our range includes parts that are compatible with the following machines. Upon request, we can expand our offerings to fit your needs.



Slurry Pump HG150
Slurry Pump HG200
Slurry Pump HG250
Slurry Pump HH200
Slurry Pump HM100
Slurry Pump HM150
Slurry Pump HM200
Slurry Pump HM250
Slurry Pump HM300
Slurry Pump HM50


Our portfolio includes both the wet-end parts made from various types of high-chrome cast irons and various types of rubber, as well as the full range of necessary spare parts for the maintenance and operation of slurry equipment.

High-chrome White Cast Iron

Parts that come into direct contact with the pulp, such as front and back liners, impellers, case liners, and expellers, are subjected to the most intensive wear. Therefore, we offer parts made of high-chrome white cast iron, perfectly suitable for an abrasive environment.


Standards: ASTM A532 Grade IIIA

Hardness (HBW): >600

Chromium content Cr (%): 27,0

Medium corrosion resistance with high erosion resistance. For operation with pH levels ranging from 5-12.


Standards: N/A

Hardness (HBW): >650

Chromium content Cr (%): 30,0

Perfect erosion resistance for slurry with small and middle particles. For operation with PH levels 3-14. Mostly used in tailing applications or as an option to extend the lifetime of wet-end parts.


Standards: ASTM A532 Grade IIIA

Hardness (HBW): >430

Chromium content Cr (%): 28,0

Adapted for use with acids and in corrosive environments. For operation with pH levels rangin from 3-14. Preferable for slurry wit sulfuric acid, nitric acid or sodiuhydroxide contents.

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber offers a unique set of advantages that make it an excellent choice for certain applications. In some cases, our experts may recommend the use of synthetic rubber over cast iron to enhance durability, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall system performance.

High Strength rubber based on natural rubber er40/er50

Standards: ME QP-09

Density (g/cmÑ): 1,05±0,05

Hardness (Shore A): 40±5; 50±5

Max. operating temperature (°C): 70

High wear resistance and medium chemical resistance.

High Strength rubber based on neoprene cr50/cr60

Standards: ME QP-09

Density (g/cmÑ): 1,35±0,05

Hardness (Shore A): 50±5; 60±5

Max. operating temperature (°C): 100

High wear resistance and high chemical resistance to trioxygen and oils.

Spare parts

In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of essential spare parts to ensure the smooth operation of your pumps. This comprehensive inventory includes parts such as the gland follower, packing, lantern restrictor, shaft sleeve, and stuffing box. We offer a variety of material options for these parts, from stainless steel for shaft sleeves to bronze lantern restrictors and ribbon PTFE for gland packing.

Case studies

Element provides a bespoke project design service in cases where customers require the upgrade of spare part patterns which are currently in operation. To request an individual project, please download and fill in our question list.

One of the challenges that our customers came to us with was the rapid wear of wet-end parts. A large gold-processing plant assigned us the task of increasing the operating time of the liners for their 10/8 slurry pump. Element’s specialists visited the customer’s site, examined the operating conditions, and determined that the liners’ short operating time was due to an incorrect choice of wet-end part material. Based on the collected data from the pump installation and slurry data, Element’s engineers proposed replacing the metal wet-end parts with natural rubber. This resulted in a 1.5-fold increase in operating time and a decrease of over 2 times in spare parts expenses for the processing plant.

Element supplied a set of wet-end parts to a large gold mining company in March of 2021. Due to the high load of solids, as well as the very coarse and large size of ore after the primary mill, the equipment in the process plant experienced a significant wear rate at the mill discharge circuit. The average operating time of the OEM’s wet-end parts was 1,100 hours and they complied with all of the customer’s requirements. However, replacing these parts entailed high costs. Element provided wet-end parts made from High Chrome White Iron in accordance with their material standard. As a result, the first set of parts lasted for 1200 hours of operation, and the second and third sets demonstrated the same lifespan. Consequently, the customer was able to achieve the same amount of operation time as with OEM parts while incurring significantly lower maintenance costs.

Product support.

In addition to supplying spare parts, our company also gladly takes on complex cases and tailor-made developments as per customer requirements. We thoroughly study the technical and technological parameters of equipment operation, analyze wear of wet-end parts, and can offer optimized solutions to meet customer requirements

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