Stories From The Forefront Of Sales

Allow us to introduce two exceptional individuals who are at the forefront of sales in the Finnish aggregates market to new heights. Niilo Viitala and Ilkka Sarasin, our dedicated Sales Managers, bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the table. Let’s hear what they have to say about their journey, experiences, and aspirations here at EMC:
Could you share your background and experience? How did you decide to apply for a job at EMC?
Niilo: With a career spanning mechanics, tech support in crushers, and the last few years with 3D machine control systems in the construction industry, transitioning to B2B sales felt like the right move.
Ilkka: Before I came to EMC, I was working with insurance for a few years. I have worked in sales for most part of my life and it is hard to even think of anything else. I have wanted to do B2B sales for quite some time now and EMC gave me a perfect opportunity for it.  
What aspects of your experience so far have you enjoyed the most in your roles as sales managers?
Niilo: Getting to know our customers, forging new connections, and crafting solutions tailored to their needs, is truly fulfilling.
Ilkka: Managing and nurturing customer relationships have been incredibly rewarding aspects of my role.
What new insights or knowledge have you gained during your time at EMC?
Niilo: My expertise in crushers from different manufacturers has broadened significantly as my previous experience was based on the products of one manufacturer.
Ilkka: The technical facets of the job have been an eye-opener, and the depth of experience gained in crushing and screening aspects.
What’s the most inspiring project you’ve worked on?
Niilo: I think every project implemented together with clients is interesting. Especially those projects when my knowledge contributes to solving customers’ challenges with the right products from our range.
Ilkka: If I had to choose, it would probably be something related to product development. Having the ability to enhance a customer’s production and address its needs directly is where the magic happens.
In general, what would you highlight about working at EMC?
Niilo: At EMC, I am surrounded by a supportive team and great products to work with.
Ilkka: EMC’s potential and the collective energy of the people here make it a great place to be.