Summer Apprenticeship

Welcome to a glimpse of the incredible opportunity that awaits as we introduce our summer employees who have recently joined the Operations team of our company. Please, welcome Mikko, the Procurement Coordinator, and Jesse, the Order Desk Coordinator, who joined us to enrich their knowledge and skills in the mining industry and business processes while contributing to our company’s growth!

Check out short interviews with Mikko and Jesse:

–  What attracted you to apply for a summer position with our company?
Mikko: I was interested in the specific position of Procurement Coordinator since it fits perfectly what I was looking for. I was also impressed by the success and the rapid growth of the company when I researched it further.

Jesse: Initially I was intrigued by the summer positions which Element had to offer and I felt like they would fit well alongside my studies. I also got a very positive and ambitious feeling about the company while looking into them even more.

–  Are there any specific opportunities or projects that you’re excited to be a part of during your time with us?
Mikko: I’m excited to be part of opportunities where I can learn new things and improve my skills. Especially I would be interested in projects that aim to improve effectiveness and ways of working, for example grouping purchasing more effectively.

Jesse: I feel like I’m just generally excited to be a part of a new team here at Element. So far, the environment has been good and I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer.

–  What do you hope to learn or gain from your summer experience with us, both in terms of technical skills and personal development?
Mikko: I’m hoping to gain more experience in using an ERP and just working with our suppliers. Personally, I would like to develop my way of learning things and time management skills.

Jesse: During my summer experience at Element, I hope to gain more competence and expand my knowledge, especially in logistics operations.

– How do you think your summer experience with us will benefit your future career aspirations?
Mikko: This summer experience is great for my future career. The demanding position, new tools, and the international environment are great for preparing me for future challenges.

Jesse: I think my summer experience at Element will benefit my future career aspirations because of how much my tasks vary, and the amount of responsibility given to me.