Element Group Establishes Presence with Tampere Office

Element Group proudly announces the official opening of its first office in Tampere, Finland, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. Founded under the legal entity Element Group, this strategic move establishes the cornerstone for our global presence.

A Foundation of Expertise:

At Element, we don’t just open offices; we build foundations of expertise. What sets Element apart is the seamless fusion of our specialists’ years of practical experience with the capabilities of our manufacturing partners and efficient logistics. This synergy positions us as a dynamic force, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities in the mining and construction industry.

The Birth of Element Group:

We proudly recognize October 26, 2016, as the day of the foundation of the Element group of companies. Element Group’s expansion into Tampere signifies not just a physical presence but a commitment to excellence, innovation, and global impact. We look forward to the continued growth of Element Group and the positive contributions we will make to the industries we serve.