VSI Crushers.

A VSI crusher, short for Vertical Shaft Impactor, is an incredibly versatile machine suitable for a wide range of crushing applications. Its primary purpose lies in quarries and gravel pits where it’s used in producing road materials, asphalt, ballast, high-quality manufactured sand for concrete, and aggregates vital for the construction industry.

How does it work?

This crusher operates using a high-speed rotor equipped with wear-resistant tips. It propels the material into a crushing chamber where all the magic happens. The high-velocity impact between the material and liners within the crushing chamber ensures effective material breakdown, making VSI crushers an important tool in the aggregates world.

Our offering

We specialize in providing high-quality wear parts for the rotors. These impact crushers are known for their numerous wear components. With over 10 different types of parts exposed to abrasive wear, we select the most suitable materials for each component, ensuring long-lasting performance of each part.

Product support.

We take immense pride in providing more than just manufacturing and supplying parts. Our commitment extends to offering additional technical and engineering support. With a dedicated team, we aim to optimize your equipment’s performance and address any specific challenges you may encounter.

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