Cone Crushers.

The cone crusher is a fundamental part in various crushing processes. At Element, we understand the essential role of this equipment, which is why we offer an extensive catalogue and inventory of parts from liners to fasteners. Explore our range and enhance your crushing operations today.

Our parts are compatible with:

Currently, our range includes parts that are compatible with the following machines. Upon request, we can expand our offerings to fit your needs.



Cone Crusher CH420 / H2000 / H2800
Cone Crusher CH430 / H3000 / H3800
Cone Crusher CH440 / H4000 / H4800
Cone Crusher CH550
Cone Crusher CH660 / H6000 / H6800
Cone Crusher CH865 / CH 865i
Cone Crusher CH870 / H7800
Cone Crusher CH880 / H8000
Cone Crusher CH890
Cone Crusher CH895

Wear Liners

Our range includes components such as mantles, bowl liners, arm guards, pinion shaft arm liners, top shell and bottom shell liners, as well as feed cones and plates. To accommodate varying application conditions, we have developed a versatile lineup of alloys. Mantles and bowl liners are crafted from manganese steels of grades C, D, and D2. Manganese steels, wear-resistant steels with high Brinell hardness ratings, and high-chromium white cast iron are used for other parts.

Standard materials


Mn: 13% Cr: 2%

For non-abrasive rocks of small and medium strength.


Mn: 18% Cr: 2%

For general application. An Improved formula with
additional chromium alloying. A significant increase in
hardness after heat treatment, increased resistance to
abrasive wear.


Mn: 22% Cr: 2%

Suitable for the most abrasive of rocks. We recommend using this material at the second or third stages of crushing. Possesses the highest resistance to abrasive wear among EMC’s line of manganese steels.

Special materials


THOR — technology for modifying the structure of manganese steel.
All standard C, D, D2 alloys can be modified using THOR technology.
The life capacity of THOR linings, on average, is 30% more than standard wear parts.

Spare parts

From bushings for various applications to torch rings, head nuts, thrust bearings, supports, brackets, plates, seals, gaskets, springs, and conical and spherical bearings, our comprehensive selection ensures you have what you need when you need it.

Case studies

Element provides a bespoke project design service in cases where customers require the upgrade of spare part patterns which are currently in operation. To request an individual project, please download and fill in our question list.

One of Element’s recent customers, a gravel pit in Romania, produces crushed river aggregates containing silica. The medium cone crusher runs around 18 hours per day. Initially, its management procured concaves and mantles from the equipment manufacturer several times per year. Their service time was 700 working hours and although the customer was satisfied with the performance, it resulted in high repair costs. The performance of alternative suppliers was poor as their liners served only 350 working hours on average. With the use of standard orange liners, Element helped the customer to save on equipment maintenance. Now the customer is using a second set of Element’s liners along with other spare parts such as a main shaft sleeve, eccentric bushings, a main shaft step, step washers, piston wearing plates, head nuts, inner head nuts, and dust seal rings.

Product support.

We take immense pride in providing more than just manufacturing and supplying parts. Our commitment extends to offering additional technical and engineering support. With a dedicated team, we aim to optimize your equipment’s performance and address any specific challenges you may encounter.

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