Conveyor Components.

We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor components that includes belt cleaners, modular impact beds, impact bars, drum linings, sealing systems, rollers and roller supports. These components collectively contribute to the longevity and uninterrupted functionality of conveyor systems, making them an indispensable asset in the mining plant.

Product range:

Belt cleaners
Impact bars
Modular impact beds
Drum linings
Sealing systems
Rollers and roller supports

About components

Belt cleaners.

Conveyor belt cleaners are designed to reduce material accumulation during ore transportation, minimising the risk of equipment failure and cleaning costs. Tailored polyurethane systems and flexible blade installation ensure efficient performance. Element’s cleaners have a special design allowing an easy installation and adjustment, with options available for belt widths from 650mm to 2000mm.

Modular impact beds and impact bars.

Modular impact beds, coupled with impact bars, effectively absorb material impact energy during loading onto conveyor belts, enhancing belt longevity. Impact bars consist of a rubber base, with an aluminum fastening profile vulcanised to it, and a top layer made of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The base of the table is made of polyurethane, providing additional cushioning.

Drum linings.

The primary purpose of drum lining is to increase the friction coefficient between the belt and the drum, preventing slippage, especially at high drum rotation speeds. Additionally, drum lining significantly extends the service life of the conveyor belt by reducing its tension. Element offers two options for drum linings: a quick-replace version with welded guides and a version with a bonding layer. Both options are available in rubber and rubber-ceramic designs.

Sealing systems.

Our conveyor sealing system prevents material spillage and dust formation. With two contours — sturdy internal and flexible external — the system ensures no material escapes beyond belt and bunker limits. Available in polyurethane with hardness options and in varying heights and thicknesses, our sealing strips meet diverse technical requirements.

Rollers and roller supports.

Conveyor rollers are available in various sizes and types — HDPE, shock-absorbing, metal, polyurethane-lined. All rollers adhere to international standards, certified for use in mining and related industries. Non-metallic components are non-flammable plastic, with sealed bearings preventing leaks and contamination. Warranty includes 50,000 hours of operation or 2 years under normal conditions.

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