Parts for Hydrocyclones.

This equipment commonly operates in the crushing and classification cycle, segregating crushed ore into materials suitable for further processing and insufficiently crushed materials, which are sent back for re-crushing in mills. Cyclones operate continuously under pressure of highly abrasive ore. Consequently, the internal components of cyclones undergo substantial abrasive wear, leading to changes in the geometry of these components and disruptions in the technological process.

Our offering

Our company offers a wide range of inlet head liners, cone liners, apex spigot, and vortex finders. Element provides a wide range of spare and wear parts for Cavex and Krebs FLS* hydrocyclones. Our primary goal is to extend the service life of these parts to the maximum achievable, ensuring our customers a stable technological process with minimal maintenance requirements.

* Element Mining and Construction Oy (ELMC) is not an owner or representative of the brands of the equipment specified on the website. ELMCs spare parts and components are compatible with the specified equipment.


Our parts are manufactured from a broad spectrum of materials, ranging from polyurethane to silicon carbide and high-chrome white cast iron.

Natural Rubber

Hardness (Shore A): 50

Elongation at break (%): 600

Max. operating temperature (°C): 75

Max. particle size (mm): 20

The physical and mechanical properties of rubber provide resistance to the abrasive wear caused by slurry containing hard and sharp particles.

Synthetic Rubber

Hardness (Shore A): 50

Elongation at break (%): 700

Max. operating temperature (°C): 100

Max. particle size (mm): 10

As opposed to natural rubber, synthetic rubber is more resistant to high temperatures and oils.


Hardness (Shore A): 95

Elongation at break (%): 400

Max. operating temperature (°C): 70

Max. particle size (mm): 10

This material has a high-tensile strength.

silicone carbide

Hardness (Vickers): 2900

Density (g/cm3): 3.11

Max. operating temperature (°C): 200

Max. particle size (mm): 5-10

Fine-grained reaction-bonded silicon carbide. This material has a high resistance to corrosion and wear. It is produced in thin sections from 5 to 25 mm in length.

High-chrome white cast iron

Hardness (Brinell, HB): 650

Hypereutectic white cast iron with a high chromium content. Best used in conditions of increased wear.

Product support.

We take immense pride in providing more than just manufacturing and supplying parts. Our commitment extends to offering additional technical and engineering support. With a dedicated team, we aim to optimize your equipment’s performance and address any specific challenges you may encounter.

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