Mill Lining.

Discover Element’s solutions in mill wear protection crafted for various grinding equipment: from AG to MCM. Element develops mill lining from a wide array of materials and creates comprehensive design and production documentation. Our collaboration with advanced manufacturing facilities enables us to craft mill linings of any type, profile, and material, ensuring high precision.

We develop linings for:

Autogenous mills (AG)
Semi-autogenous mills (SAG)
Ball mills (BM)
Rod mills (RM)
Ore-rolling mills (ORM)
Pebble Mills (PM)
Multi-chamber mills (MCM)
Vertical Mills (VM)


What sets us apart is our ability to customize and blend different lining materials in a single project, ensuring cost-effective operation. Our material range includes manganese and martensitic steels, high-chrome white cast iron, rubber, rubber-metal, and magnetic liners.

Steel Linings.

At Element, we specialize in producing metal linings for mills of diverse types. Our expertise extends to selecting the optimal steel alloy based on specific operating conditions. Explore our range of steels below.


Brinell hardness: 170-230

Impact strength: >150 J/cm2


Brinell hardness: >190-250

Impact strength: >150 J/cm2


Brinell hardness: 210-270

Impact strength: >120 J/cm2

Perlite chromium-molybdenum
steel L2C

Brinell hardness: 320-400

Impact strength: 75-90 J/cm2

Martensitic steel

Brinell hardness: >400

Impact strength: 15-20 J/cm2

Martensitic steel

Brinell hardness: 360—420

Impact strength: >100 J/cm2

High-chrome white cast iron AR22

Brinell hardness: >500

Impact strength: 3,5-4,5 J/cm2

Rubber Linings

Particularly effective in ball mills during the second and third stages of grinding, rubber linings offer numerous advantages over metal alternatives. With no leaks and no work hardening, these linings ensure minimal downtime for maintenance. The lightweight nature of rubber not only enhances safety during handling but also contributes to reduced logistics costs.

Rubber-metal linings.

Element’s rubber-metal linings combine the resilience of rubber with the durability of steel. This blend integrates cast iron and steel alloys into the lining, using rubber as a cushion against impact. Crafted with metal inserts vulcanized into a rubber base, these linings are tailored for heavy-duty applications, extending operational life by 15-25%. Additionally, this material not only simplifies relining but also supports partial replacements, maximizing equipment utilization.

Magnetic linings.

Element’s offers a special mill lining configuration of magnets encased in a high abrasion-resistant steel array. This design creates a magnetic field that attracts the ferromagnetic mill material, forming a self-leveling protective layer. This solution minimizes wear on the lining, offerings such advantages as increased productivity, reduced grinding media consumption, and decreased electricity usage.

Discharge trommel screens.

Standard rubber-metal trommels

The trommel’s design incorporates a rubberized metal frame that supports sifting rubber or polyurethane sieve panels along with transporting spiral elements. This structure significantly prolongs the service life of discharge trommels compared to standard steel trommels, while also optimizing the cross-sectional area during operation.

Rubber-metal trommels
with modular screen panels and spirals of various configurations

The trommel screen features a rubberized metal frame with interchangeable sifting panels. These panels can be replaced within the same set based on wear, thereby extending the service life of the elements.

Trommels made of wear-resistant bimetallic sheets

Discharge trommels are constructed from bimetallic sheets with two layers. The primary layer, composed of structural steels, enables mechanical processing such as rolling, bending, and easy welding. The deposited layer serves a protective role, providing resistance against abrasive and corrosive wear, as well as withstanding shock loads.

Individual projects

Recognizing the uniqueness of every mill lining project, we provide tailored solutions to meet individual needs. Complete our questionnaire to receive a customized project estimation.

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