Conveyor Belts.

We offer a variety of conveyor belts, including smooth belts for horizontal transport, chevron belts for inclines up to 45 degrees, and belts with corrugated sidewalls and buckets for vertical conveyors. Smooth belts are suitable for inclines up to 22 degrees. Chevron patterns depend on the incline, speed, and material characteristics. Belts with corrugated sidewalls and buckets optimise space and enable lifting at angles up to 90 degrees.

Product range:

Smooth belts.

Our smooth conveyor belt selection is suitable for various applications. Whether it’s standard use, specific environmental challenges like cold or heat, resistance to oil, enhanced durability with breaker layers for specialised industrial needs, reinforced strength with aramid layers, or suitability for tubular conveyor systems, our range encompasses diverse solutions.

General-Purpose Belts
Special Properties Belts
Breaker Layer Belts
Aramid Layer Belts
Rubber-Cord Belts
Belts for Tubular Conveyors

Corrugated belts.

Belts with corrugated sidewalls and buckets are distinguished by their unique design, allowing for material elevation with maximum incline. In the production of these belts, Element utilizes buckets reinforced with layers of fabric, providing increased resistance to wear. The corrugated sidewall gains additional strength from diagonal fabric, and its special rubber formula ensures greater elasticity.

Chevron belts.

Designed for transporting bulk and lump goods on inclined surfaces, Chevron belts enable movement at angles up to 45 degrees, depending on the chevron height. The chevrons, protrusions on the belt surface, can reach up to 35 mm in height, and their shape and height vary based on the chevron type. While chevrons cover the entire length of the belt, their width may differ from the overall belt width.

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