What We Offer to Dealers.

We’re excited to extend our hand to potential partners who share our commitment to quality and excellent service. Here’s why joining us is a step towards a successful partnership:

Product Availability
and Timely Fulfillment

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our dealers. Benefit from product availability at our warehouses and a seamless ordering process. We work closely with our distributors to ensure timely fulfillment of orders, allowing you to meet your commitments to customers without delays.

E-Parts System:
New Way of Collaboration

A cutting-edge platform designed to empower independence of a dealer’s work and elevate your ordering experience. Embrace the future of efficient transactions as you navigate a user-friendly interface tailored to your needs.

and Order

Easily choose and directly order products from our catalogue. Each product has its own status in our base. In addition, each article has its own analogue, stock status, analogue stock status, transit status, and assembly article requirement status.


Inside our big tech database, each article is a key piece of recommended parts lists or part sets. Understanding these lists and offering parts in ready sets helps our dealers to significantly improve sales.

Customized Interface

We create a personalized interface for each dealer, tailored to your preferences. Choose your color scheme, brand identity, and select languages, ensuring your team works comfortably with the system.

Vast Technical Support

As an Element’s dealer, you’re not alone. We offer premium technical support to assist you along the way. From troubleshooting to customer visits, we work hand in hand with our dealers to ensure a smooth sales cycle.

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