Pump wet-end assembly: service life results

In a groundbreaking move, Element successfully assembled and delivered several sets of wet ends for Warman* MCR 450 pumps to a prominent enterprise in Kazakhstan in early 2021. This marked the customer’s first choice of Element’s parts over OEM alternatives, resulting in a remarkable 20% reduction in equipment maintenance costs.

The delivered sets included wet-end parts for rubber lining and metal impellers. Despite being 20% more cost-effective than OEM counterparts, Element’s parts have demonstrated equal performance, with the pump operating seamlessly and meeting expected performance standards.

Prior to choosing Element’s parts, the customer exclusively used original components, experiencing an average part lifetime of 4,000 motor hours. Element’s parts not only match this performance but also contribute to substantial cost savings.

Comprehensive Solutions for Slurry Pumps

Element’s comprehensive range covers wear, spare, and emergency parts crucial for the proper functioning of slurry pumps. From wet-end parts to gland components and emergency spare parts, our offerings cater to various pump types, including Medium duty, Heavy duty, Mill Discharge, High Head, Gravel duty, Tailing, Vortex Flow, Froth duty, and Vertical.

Brand Compatibility

While Element Group is not the owner or representative of the specified brand (Warman*), our spare parts and components are meticulously designed to be compatible with Warman* equipment. All Element products come with warranty obligations under the Element trademark.

Note: Element Group is not an owner or representative of the specified brand. Element’s spare parts and components are compatible with the specified equipment and are manufactured and provided with warranty obligations of the Element trademark. The designations of trademarks and commercial designations of third parties are provided for informational purposes only and are not used for the individualization of Element products.