Story Of Constant Growth

We interviewed Matti Vikman, Head of Sales for Aggregates Finland & Baltics, who has played a crucial role in driving growth within the company.

– Tell us a little bit about your journey at EMC.
– Almost three years at EMC have gone really fast. It has been great to be a part of the company’s growth. It has also been great to influence the development of the company myself. I have learned a lot about aggregates business area and increasing sales. I have managed to increase sales in Finland a lot, and have created good customer relations.

– How did your responsibilities change with the new position?
– Currently, I lead the sales team in the Finnish and Baltic regions as a Head of Sales, Aggregates Finland & Baltics. So I am responsible for these sales areas and have two salespeople at the moment. I try to support salespeople in the best possible way and lead them to good sales results.

– What inspires you at work and on this journey with EMC?
– It inspires me to see the growth of a relatively new company and to be involved in it myself. In addition, I am trusted as an employee and given opportunities to advance in my career.

– What’s next? What goals do you set for yourself for 2023?
– I aim to finish my master’s degree in early 2023 alongside work. I’m studying Strategic Leadership of Technology-Based Business at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. At work, I aim to be the best possible supervisor and strive to support the sales team in the best possible way. Sales must also grow in the future in order for us to be the market leader.

– Lastly, why, in your opinion, is EMC a great place to work?
– It’s good to work at Element because we have a good team and a common spirit. Employees are listened to, and the company wants to grow.